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Fall/Spring Cleanup

Our spring and fall clean-up services provide a meticulous approach to ensure that your property is well-prepared for the rejuvenation of spring and safeguarded against winter’s impact. As landscaping specialists, we recommend scheduling these clean-ups promptly to minimize debris damage and enjoy the beauty of a clean, meticulously maintained lawn. Trust MowCo to provide the essential care your landscape needs for a year-round vibrant appeal.


Fall Cleanup

At MowCo, we strategically time our fall services to align with the natural falling of leaves, ensuring optimal results for your property. Our commitment to efficiency extends to utilizing curbside city pickups for leaves when available, streamlining the removal process. If such services aren’t accessible, rest assured, as we take charge and handle the leaf removal ourselves. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your fall cleanup is expertly managed, and your lawn is well-prepared for a tranquil winter season.

Spring Cleanup

As winter makes way for warmer days in Michigan, MowCo takes charge in preparing your outdoor space for the upcoming growing season. Our Spring Clean-Up services are dedicated to the removal of winter debris, ensuring a fresh start that allows the your landscape to get off on the right foot. We understand the unique needs of Michigan’s terrain, guaranteeing a tidy and well-prepared outdoor environment. Trust MowCo for a seamless transition from winter to the vibrant days of spring.

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