Reliable Lawn Mowing and Landscaping Services in Kalamazoo

Let’s face it—this winter has been a strange one. Though we had a surprisingly warm El Nino winter, we also had our fair share of bitter cold, ice, and snowstorms here in Kalamazoo. Through it all, our team at MowCo has been steadily supplying our clients with the snow removal and other winter services they need.

Yet now that February’s at an end and the world is warming up again, it’s time to switch gears. That’s why we’re taking this month’s blog post to discuss our lawn mowing and landscaping services in preparation for the coming spring.

Routine Lawn Maintenance and Lawn Mowing

Our most popular service is our routine lawn maintenance, which we tailor to both commercial and residential neighborhoods. We feel that proper lawn mowing and lawn maintenance requires a strong attention to detail to make it look truly beautiful.

We believe we stand out from the crowd because of how dedicated we are to a clean, well-cut lawn.  That’s why our lawn maintenance isn’t just about cutting grass. When we mow, we always make sure to trim and tidy up, so your lawn looks neat, clean, and ready to impress. That’s why we always strive for precision in our trimming and blowing, which gives your lawn that beautiful, professional shine.

Landscaping Services to Consider for 2024

In addition to our lawn maintenance, the promise of the coming spring also means there are new opportunities for landscaping. Here at MowCo, if our customers like us for our lawn maintenance, they love us for our landscaping. Some of the landscaping services we provide are:

  • Mulching Service
  • River Rock Installation
  • Retaining Wall Installation
  • Patio Installation

We believe in landscaping that’s both functional and visually appealing, which is why we offer our customers a variety of options for materials, custom designs, and more. To learn more about our landscaping and view some of the work we’ve done, click here.

Get Your Own MowCo Spring Cleanup

Once the spring is here in full, don’t hesitate to request our spring cleanup services. We’ll clear your lawn of all the winter debris that’s piled up and get it ready lawn mowing, landscaping, and another beautiful year in Michigan.

Whether it’s a warm winter, a cold summer, or anything in between, MowCo is always here to provide reliable lawn mowing, landscaping, and spring cleanup in Kalamazoo. To request our services, click here to contact us today.